The Revolution of Science and Technology in Our Life

Technology and healthcare techniques have helped in finding out the cause of illness and its prevention.

The hygienic situation in previous times was deplorable. Now we have better sanitary systems with

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The town roads were unpaved; there was no appropriate water flow and drainage program. Rubbish and other reject were seen everywhere. Hogs were seen roaming through the roads. People got mineral water from dirty water wells. Now strained standard mineral water is available to get rid of diseases. Strong spend control is not a problem these times, it is the duty of the town public committees to manage and dispose of it with the latest equipment and equipment’s

Now all these problems have gone. There is hygiene everywhere. It is illegal to throw garbage into the roads. There is appropriate water flow and drainage program and new and enhanced means of solid spend control as it has been told previously. There are separate departments that bother about the sanitary situation of the cities.

A century ago for household reasons mineral water was carried from water wells outside in pails. It sometimes showed dangerous to individual wellness. Moreover, it was insufficient for daily needs. But now mineral water filters have become a thing of common usage.

Now there is sufficient supply of mineral water in places. For example, Los Angeles gets mineral water through pipes from Denver River, which is 340 miles away. This mineral water is supplied to Los Angeles after the appropriate purification process.

With the help of science, there is modify in our meals also. We get varieties of meals. In previous times, meals could not be maintained. But now the fast cold techniques have granted maintenance possible. Due to modern technologies like lack of fluids and hygiene, there is no chance of meals harming. We get all types of vegetables and fruits, foods and vegetables. Even those fresh fruits and vegetables which are out of season.

Not only our diet regime is modified, but also there are improvements in our houses. Means of transport has also gone through a big improvement and alter.

Technology has also modified our behavior. Superstitions have been removed because there is no healthcare basis for them. Now individuals do not fear reasoning thunders.

Now individuals no more believe that diseases are caused by wicked mood.

Zodiac and fortune- telling have missing popularity as in comparison to Century ago. Nobody now worries black cats, broken showcases and the number 13. Because science has shown that such worries are un-scientific and unreasonable.